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A culturally diverse comedy, told the hilarious stories of the likeable, entertaining characters that make up the Community Centre, Manchester. 

The African-Caribbean, Asian and indigenous communities were showcased in an entertaining theatrical experience which engaged a wide range of audiences.

The project made theatre accessible and welcomed audiences that wouldn’t normally go to the theatre.


"The Community Centre succeeds in demonstrating to us all that despite our differences and quirks we are basically all the same; we are all seeking out comfort and happiness through our meaningful connections with others. A real fun piece of theatre, with many laugh out loud moments, the production will leave you feeling smiley and thoroughly entertained, as the late great Bob Marley would say, ‘Let’s get together and feel alright’"

"This is a very accessible play that gently covers some important topics for today's multicultural Manchester."



The Community Centre a piece of theatre created by Nicola Gardner. 

The production had it's premiere on Wednesday 21 September 2016 at the Engine House Theatre, International Burgess Foundation in Manchester.

The original creative team consisted of:-

Nicola Gardner - Writer | John Klark - Director | Darren Adams - Producer | Andy Bertozzi - Production Photography/Videography

The production ran until Saturday 24 September 2016 and was supported by Arts Council England and Manchester City Council.

The original cast consisted of:-

Mike Coombes - Robbie | Sayera Haque - Anisha | Linda Hargreves - Sis Johnson | Lynne Payne - Bev | Tony McPherson - Bro Leroy | Declan Wilson - Bro Myers | Nicola Gardner - Sis Johnson & Patience | Kyle Walker - Marvin

Images by Andy Bertozzi